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Price:$ 470
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Pack. & Delivery:UNIT
Specification:The DKG 309 the comprehensive AMF unit for a single genset stand by or dual genset mutual stanby operations
In Automatic position DKG - 309 monitors mains phase voltage and controls the automatic starting, stopping and load transfer of generating set in case of main failure and once generator is running.it monitors internal protections and external fault inputs.if a fault condition occurs.the unit shut down the engine automatically and indicates the failure source with the corresponding red led lamp and text.

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Name:Mr. Agung Saputra [Sales]
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Y!: theagungsaputra@yahoo.com Y!: theagungsaputra
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Address:Komplek Perkantoran dan Apartement Harmoni Plaza Jl Suryopranoto No 2
Jakarta Pusat 10130, Jakarta
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